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Rose's Christmas Cookies 


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 James Beard Award: Rose's Christmas Cookies, Baking and Desserts, 1991

"In my experience, truly great teachers are great because of their sensitivity to and love for others. Your warmth and openness comes through in your books. Thank you so much for the gift of your books and for the new world they have opened for me." --Rosary I., New York

Rose's Christmas Cookies (1991) 

One food editor took issue with a jewish woman writing a book about Christmas, but another in Rhode Island gave me one of the most profound compliments of my life, writing that the introduction to this book contained the best prose ever written about Christmas.
It was my friend Jeanne Bauer who encouraged me to write this book by giving me all of her mother's favorite recipes. She said that every Christmas when she returned home for a visit, her mother would always have saved some dough so that they could make cookies together. Jeanne said that when one's hands are busy it somehow makes it possible to say things one might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing.
This book, however, is more than just for Christmas. Of course there are classic Christmas cookies but most of the cookies can be made year 'round. My brother Michael, owner of Pet Food Express in California, insisted that I include a cookie for dogs and a friend from Maine contributed the "Bona Fidos." There's even a Nôtre Dame cookie cathedral in gingerbread with flying buttresses and candy stained glass windows. The original was displayed in the window of Scribner's book store on Fifth Avenue in New York City along with many copies of the book. Growing up in NYC it was a moment of glory!

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