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In several of my books, I have included a nonstick doughmat by American Products Group. In 2014, Dan O'Malley, approached me about designing a doughmat with my pie crust recipe and baking tips on it. The rest is history, resulting in an every growing line of original and invaluable products of the highest quality.

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NORDICWARE is most known for creating the bundt pan. I love their line of cast aluminum non-stick bundt-style pans in myriad shapes. They make it possible to produce stunning cakes that require no frosting for adornment.

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BREVILLE has taken tabletop ovens to new and reliable levels. I use my Breville more than my large ovens.

STRETCHTITE The absolute best plastic wrap

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 The second product was my dream pie plate, with a deeply ruffled edge that makes it easy for anyone  to have a beautiful border on their pie crust. I was thrilled when Harold Import agree to carry it in their line of baking equipment along with other designs I later created. Most recently I started working with APG on a new line of bakeware. And I am also sharing with you here, products that I have discovered from other manufacturers which I have used extensively and value greatly for my baking and cooking.



Product Manufacturers that I Recommend 

These manufacturers have consistently produced reliable and top quality products.  Click on Portals to product pages. 

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THERMOWORKS  When i need an instant-read thermometer, I reach for my Thermapen. It is dead on accurate and quick to respond. It gives the word "instant" its true meaning. I also admire their entire product line of top quality equipment.  

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Fat Daddios out of Seattle has virtually any shape, and size, and cake pans. They also manufacture many other useful baking tools.  

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POURfect measuring spoons, beakers, and dry measures are indeed exactly that, and the reason I know is that I helped design them. 

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I have been with Harold Imports since 2005. My signature porcelain pie plate has been one of my proudest creations and was listed in America's Test Kitchen magazine as number 1. I also couldn't bake cake layers without my silicone cake strips, and I use my mini cake pan not only for little cakes and financiers, but also to mold chocolate for making chocolate curls. 

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GOBEL   makes, hands down, the best nonstick tart pans in a large variety of sizes.


BROD & TAYLOR   make a countertop proofer for making bread proofing a breeze. It fold flat for easy storage.

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USA PANS are my top favorite cake pans, muffin pans, bread pans, and sheet pans.