I made this cake as a thank you to the artist Milton Glazer who designed my book Romantic & Classic Cakes for the series                            "The Great American Cooking Schools." The geese, flying toward Milton the sun were intended to honor him.                                                                        He honored me by saying it reminded him of Matisse.

five by Rose

These five books take you from my beginning as a cookbook author to my recipe card style book for my favorite pies. The first four books are not being reprinted, but are still available at some book stores and websites. The TO PURCHASE buttons will link to Amazon, where you can then search on-line book providers for these titles. 


Rose Levy Beranbaum's first book Romantic & Classic Cakes.jpg

Romantic & Classic Cakes (1981) This was my first book. I call it my dress rehearsal book because it taught me so much about writing and publishing. I will always be grateful to Irena Chalmers who came up with the concept of this series and included me in it.

Rose Levy Beranbaum's translation for Passion for Chocolate.jpg

A Passion For Chocolate (1989) My love for chocolate and the French language. I went to Lyon France, on my own dime, to work with the Bernachons so that I could see exactly how the recipes were made and then returned home, tested the recipes, and translated the book.

Rose Levy Beranbaums Celebrations book savory and desserts..jpg

Rose's Celebrations (1992) has both savory and sweet recipes done in a meal menu style format. It includes my favorite recipes for special celebrations but I also make many of them on a regular basis for every day dinners. 

CBKB is an on-line subscription service for thousands of cookbooks, including Rose’s Celebrations . Click below to visit their site.

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Rose Levy Beranbaum's Pies Recipe Deck.jpg

All-Original  All-American Pies Recipe Deck (2015) is a recipe card style booklet. All pages are laminated to resist spills and staining. My favorite flaky pie crust recipe and 9 of my most often made pies are always at the ready.

Rose Levy Beranbaum's Melting Pot savory ethnic recipes.jpg

Rose's Melting Pot (1993) is the companion book to Rose's Celebrations. These are the recipes I make all the time. Don't miss the lamb shanks and prune stew which graces the cover.

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Our Upcoming Book 

Rose's Basics Baking Book             (fall of 2018) 

Our next book will be in a completely different format from my previous cookbooks. Covering cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, pastries, and bread, this book will guide any beginning baker to successful results through step-by-step instructions as well as over 600 captioned photos. This is a companion book to my other books, for the novice to expert bakers who want a more in depth understanding of my baking techniques, to familiar classics and new discoveries. Woody and I did all the prep and styling for the step by step photos and our dearest friend and gifted food stylist and baking author, Erin McDowell did the full page "beauty" shots. All were photographed by another dear friend and brilliant photographer, Matthew Septimus.

Our blog has postings of the production phases for this book as they are completed, and we will announce pre-order and release dates for this book.  

Eratta/CORRECTIONS pages

All of my books have their own corrections pages that can be accessed through the BOOK CORRECTIONS category link shown on sidebars. Each book is listed with corrections and changes listed in page order. These pages can be copied and printed to be included in your books.