This Month's Recipe: Rose's Favorite Flaky & Tender Pie Crust
12/17 Flaky with its laminations from the blending of butter, cream cheese, and heavy cream throughout the flour.

Gâteau Très Orange
1/18 I have always loved the flavor of orange, almost as much as lemon which is my top favorite, but never more so than when I started making recipes from Jamie Schler’s new book Orange Appeal

Beer Braised Short Ribs
2/17 Meaty beef short ribs are braised with vegetables in an amber beer. This is one of our favorite winter recipes. Serve alongside noodles garnished with the dish’s demi-glaze and crispy bacon bits.

Woody’s Marble White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake
3/17 Traditionally, marble cake recipes call for making a single batter and using part of it to create the darker chocolate batter. In this version, I made two separate batters, one with white chocolate and the other with bittersweet chocolate, so that each batter had a perfect flavor and consistency.

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake: Rosewood Style
5/18 I had discovered Japanese Cotton cheesecake many years ago on my first trip to Japan when I was researching my first article for the New York Times about eating desserts in Tokyo.

Woody's Almond Milk Ganache
6/18 Years ago, I was asked by my artist friend, Martha Rast, if we had any lactose free frostings. This lead to testing with unflavored soy milk and almond milk to come up with a ganache that has a slightly tangier taste compared to the standard heavy cream ganache but also has an excellent flavor and texture making ideal for the lactose intolerant or vegan.

Heavenly Peach Galette
7/18 When this blog was in its infancy, one of my first postings titled "Surrogate Baker" reported the story of a dinner invitation from our then new friend Leon Axel who lives across the street and featured a fruit galette that required emergency shuttling back and forth to our oven.

Neoclassic Mousseline Buttercream Has Arrived
9/18 I first offered neoclassic buttercream in The Cake Bible 30 years ago and in the years following, I had not found a favorable result using the same method for Italian meringue. But when testing recipes for Rose’s Baking Basics I was inspired to revisit the technique, altering the ratio of sugar to corn syrup and it worked.

Chocolate Oblivion
10/18 The Chocolate Oblivion from “The Cake Bible” became my family and friends most requested cake recipe. When I met Rose for the first time, when she came to Minneapolis, this is the cake I brought for her to taste. The Oblivion has the texture somewhere between a baked chocolate mousse and a truffle.

Lemon Cheesecake Soufflé Recipe
11/18 Fifty years ago I tasted a cheese cake that was almost as light and airy as whipped cream. I never forgot it. Finally, all these years later, I figured it out. Instead of adding the whole eggs to the cream cheese batter, I separated them and whipped the egg whites with the sugar Italian meringue style.

Winter Peach Upside-Down Cake
12/18 In mid-winter, or any time at all for that matter, when one is longing for fresh peaches for baking, this amazing and easy to make topping using frozen peaches is the answer. Surprisingly, the frozen peaches, when thawed and baked, are firm and juicy. I adapted this technique, created by my wonderful friend Emeril Lagasse, for a Good Morning America on line site.

The Chocolate Domingo honoring Placido Domingo
1/19 This cake with is quite simply the tenor of chocolate butter cakes. The sour cream base of this cake gives it an exceptionally soft and moist texture, and fabulous flavor. Rose named this cake in The Cake Bible to honor Placido Domingo, in gratitude for the pleasure of his incomparable performances.

Posset-tively the Best Lemon Dessert That Makes Itself
2/19 This just might be the purest lemon dessert on the planet! The recipe and name “Posset” comes from Medieval times and refers to the small pot in which it was presented. In 14th- and 15th-century cookery manuals, a possibly-related word spelled variously "possenet", "postnet.”

The Best French Onion Soup
3/19 If not, I’m including a great shortcut that food writer Lora Brody came up with using a crock pot so that no tending of the onions is necessary and they come out perfectly caramelized as well.

Woody's Chocolate Curls Marble Butter Cake
4/19  Radio talk host, Joan Hamburg, reminisced to us about a marble cake her mother would make in the 1950s that had chocolate curls, when we did a podcast interview on her radio show for Rose’s Baking Basics. We have mixed in mini chocolate chips into cake batters. So I took up the quest to see if incorporating chocolate curls would work with our Rose’s Baking Basics Marble Cake.

5/19 Ariela's Churro Pie~Part 1 of 2
Ropes of churro are the unique crust for this Latino deep dish pie layered with ganache and cajeta mousse. Ariela Thompson won Best Creative Pie at Gramercy Tavern’s annual pie employee competition for 2018. The recipe looks long, because of my detailed instructions for you to achieve success with piping the pie shell.

6/19 Golden Burger Buns
Here, just in time for the rest of the grilling season (which for me is all year!) are is my top favorite bun. The sweet potato adds a beautiful golden color, moistness and softness. I always toast them lightly—if the grill is on, I do it on the grill, but watching carefully as they toast within seconds.

7/19 Rose on Video Presents: Cherry Pie with Rose's Favorite Flaky & Tender Pie Crust
Cherries are in season and pies are a great way to bake them.

8/19 Blueberry Muffins
Summer time and berries for the picking. Blueberry muffins made in my upcoming Rose’s Signature Silicone Muffin Pan. No liners needed, non stick, just pop them out and enjoy with a cool glass of milk.

9/19 All Occasion Downy Yellow Layer Cake and Sheet Cake
Rose’s yellow butter cake that became her foundation recipe for her 2-stage mixing method and multiple variations, including wedding cakes.