Los Angelas Times Syndicate For seven years, from 1991 to 1998, I had the pleasure of writing a monthly column for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. Here several of my favorite contributions.

 A New York Squabble 2/2095 Driving in New York City can get one into squabbles, especially cabbies. My 3 squabs nearly did not make it home for dinner. Butter Roasted Squab with Bulgar recipes.

For the Love of Eiswein--A Christmas Story 12/1997 The beauty of a great German Eiswein is that the natural high acidity of the grape lends a provocative stinging poignancy, much desired balance between sweetness and fruit, and aging potential of as long as 100 years. People are always asking what to eat with the wine. My choice would be the simplest and finest cookie I know: the Almond Crescent. Rose’s Crescents recipe.

A Man of Morels 5/1992 Uncle Nat was a great inspiration to me. He made me feel that anything was possible--but I thought this applied uniquely to him.  Uncle Nat's final and most important lesson about morel mushrooms was how to cook them. 

A WAY WITH LAMB OR, NO SHANK YOU 1/1996 This preparation for lamb shanks is one of my favorite Winter family dinners. Lamb Shanks and Bulgar recipe.

Thanksgiving Dinner 1992 & The Best CranRaspberry Sauce 11/1992 This year, however, I think I'll contribute something extra to the family feast: my Favorite Cranberry Sauce, to which I add an intense raspberry puree.
CranRaspberry Sauce recipe.

How I Got and Lost My Column for the LA Times Syndicate 11/2016 So when in 1991, I got a call from Russ Parsons, who was the food editor of the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, asking me if I would like to write a weekly column, and saying that there were plenty of recipes but very little good food writing, it was like Breer Rabbit being thrown into the cabbage patch. He even said that I could write about anything I wanted.