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Reviews, Awards, and Quotes 

Awarded Best Cookbook of the Year (2010)   International Association of Culinary Professionals

"I cannot believe how good this book is. I wish there were more than 5 stars.  Once again Rose has produced an authoritative yet fun book that is beautiful in every sense and that is just as suited to the novice as to the expert. ..Check out Rose's videos on youtube, which show her preparing these and earlier recipes. The fact that she posts her work for others to learn from for free is all you need to know about Rose. She is passionate about baking and sharing her knowledge and love of cakes, not about becoming a rich "celebrity" cook." --Anastasia"

Joy for high altitude bakers like me, since Ms. Beranbaum suggests tube or bundt pans for many recipes, which cook cakes more evenly at high altitude. (She also uses a wide assortment of lovely special-shape pans, but always suggests common alternatives that most bakers would have on hand.) Gorgeous photos of nearly every cake. Detailed, precise (not fussy) instructions -- a trademark for Ms. B. And the best layout of measurements: volume (cups, teaspoons etc.), and weight (ounces AND grams). I've made many of the recipes already, with great results. I've used a bazillion baking books over the years. This one is a treasure." --J.S. Sterling

Rose Levy Beranbaum has again exerted herself in creating a trustworthy book on cakes. It is no wonder that her first cake book The Cake Bible is still in print.--C. Terzis

Rose's Heavenly Cakes (2009) 

Publishers Weekly for Rose’s Heavenly Cakes

"Beranbaum, specialist of baked goods that make people's eyes light up, tops her renowned The Cake Bible with an updated, modern collection of delicious confections. Bakers who have already dog-eared every page of that earlier book need not worry: this is far from a duplicate, with only the occasional repeat or adaptation. The recipes range from towering creations for weddings and other special events to baby cakes for bite-size indulgence, and from the simplest apple upside-down cake and yellow butter cupcakes to the elegant rose-shaped genoise and the stunning holiday pinecone cake. Beranbaum goes into great detail in her recipe instructions, yet still manages to keep the lengthy guidelines friendly, accessible and unintimidating, whether she is describing how to make a whipped ganache topping or beurre noisette, an integral part of her delicate array of financiers. Chocolate, fruit, cream, spun sugar: Beranbaum enlists the best ingredients (which she reviews in a helpful glossary) to create knockout cakes, and with her patient, meticulous description of the measurements and process, anyone with a good mixer and spatula, some time and determination will be able to turn out impressive sweet sensations." (Sept. 09)

PW said it best. All I need to add is that this is my return to cakes 22 years post The Cake Bible, and I loved every minute of it.


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Marie Wolf''s Heavenly Cake Baker     Bake Along 

We asked Marie to test a few of our recipes before the book went to print, because she had done such an incredible blogging of her baking thru The Bread Bible, but was not one to make cakes. Woody felt, from her enthusiastic comments and photos by her husband Jim, that she would continue baking thru the book. When the book was published, inspiration for her baking thru turned into a bake along with fellow bloggers from around the world.
Click on the rose's portal image (above), you can then read and see weekly postings of the cakes coming to life. It is an excellent tutorial!
Marie has a SEARCH box at the top of the page for one to easily find posts for a recipe.  

Hector's Takes on Rose's Cakes

My extraordinary and treasured friend, Hector Wong, moved to Hawaii from Peru and The Cake Bible, given to him by his aunt, taught him his second language: english. He baked his way through the entire book and went on to create exquisitely beautiful and original cakes, always faithfully crediting the recipes and inspirations to my book. He replaced local ingredients such as butter with avocado in "the Chocolate Oblivion," star fruit for the pear in the "Ethereal Pear Charlotte" and made these recipes his own. As a professional IT guy, he also edited over 150 of my youtubes for you to enjoy. Of course he well-deserves his place as a "featured baker" on this site.
Click on his world cake portal image, you can then read and see Hector's amazing cakes. 

Gallery of Outtakes from Our Kitchens and Style Photography 

A sampling of our recipes in their baked form and testing during our production.   Click on the photo below to toggle through the gallery.