Shirley King’s Seafood Strudel 7/14/18
Scallops, shrimp, and crab wrapped in strudel dough or sheets of phyllo dough.

A New York Squabble 2/4/17
Butter roasted squab with bulgar and current stuffing.

Sublime Ketchup from Chef Michael Anthony 12/18/16
Gramercy Tavern’s (Manhattan) Executive chef’s delicious ketchup.

A Man of Morels 11/27/16
Morel mushrooms sautéd with garlic and butter.

Thanksgiving Dinner 1992 & The Best CranRaspberry Sauce 11/22/16
Cranberry and raspberry sauce.

Lamb shanks with bulgar.

Poblano Cream Sauce for the Chimichangas 10/15/16
We adapted this slightly spicy cream sauce recipe from the LA Times where it was recommended as a sauce for pork chops. Now we never make chimis without it.

Woody's Homemade Flour Tortillas for Chimichangas and Burritos 7/9/16
Homemade flour tortillas rolled paper-thin make the perfect wrap for this braised pork shoulder with black beans and pablano peppers chimichangas' filling.

Papa Bernachon--An Unforgettable Man and Chocolatier Extraordinaire 2/13/16
Because I love duck so much and even in restaurants have more often than not been disappointed, I set out years ago to find a way to roast duck which would eliminate the maximum amount of fat while maintaining the juiciness. The solution turned out to be extraordinarily simple: boiling water is poured over the skin to tighten it, then the duck is air dried.

A Fabulously Flavorful Winter Side Dish 1/9/16
Elizabeth Karmel, dear friend, chef/owner of Carolina Cue to Go, and author of Taming the Flame, created this marvelous Chipotle Sweet Potato and Maple Syrup Puree recipe for Thanksgiving several years ago. 

Kimchi Fried Rice 11/28/15
This is the terrific recipe I blogged about after visiting Toronto this past summer for the Parapan Olympics and enjoyed it for lunch at The Chef's House. 

Tribute to Chef Paul Prudhomme 10/11/15
This technique of searing a butter and herb coated fish fillet in a white hot cast iron pan produces an exceptionally flavorful and moist fish.

Hector's Special Peruvian Onion Dish 3/15/14
One of the many dishes that he made for us from his Peruvian roots I knew I would have to replicate on our return home. It is called salsa criolla, and is served as a condiment for every dish, akin to kimchee for Koreans or ketchup for Americans. It also works well as a salad.

Casting Pizza on the Water 10/13/12
This is the easiest pizza dough ever, mixed in under a minute in the food processor. It needs to be mixed a minimum of 4 hours ahead of shaping and baking but can be refrigerated for as long as 2 days.

Special Matzoh Brie for Passover 4/7/12
I love this recipe so much I make it during the rest of the year as well. It's great as a brunch dish but also makes a delicious light and fluffy stuffing for chicken.

Yogurt--Better Than Store-Bought 12/17/11
My old friend from India, Madhu Puri Trehan, told me many years ago that she would never buy yogurt as home-made is so easy and so much better. She added that all one has to do is save a little from the present batch to start the next batch.

When Life Hands You Lemons... 3/12/12
You know the rest (make lemonade)! But here's my newest discovery: When life hands you a Heritage chicken, make coq au vin!

Green Rice and Eggs--Who Could Resist! 2/8/11
On a recent visit to Kalustyan, the mid-eastern specialty store in New York City, I spied this exquisite pale green rice labelled bamboo rice.

Pesto Perfect 9/2/10
I've written about pesto at least twice on this blog, and this being the height of the basil season, it seems like a good time to offer my favorite recipe:

All Those Egg Whites 5/8/10
What do do with them?! Recently I decided to discard the 2007 and 2008 containers. Too late, my husband Elliott reminded me he likes egg white omelets. I still had the 2009 batch so he was not deprived. I set out to perfect his omelet.

Cacio E Pepe (Pasta Perfecto) 4/17/10
There are as many recipes for pasta as stars in the firmament but it still surprises me that it took me all these years to encounter one of the top classics. If you like cheese, black pepper, and pasta (and who doesn't') you will love this simple dish.

Candied Kumquats 2/13/10
I am indebted to my friend, the cookbook author Elizabeth Andoh, for pointing me in the direction of these homemade treats which are a world apart from the commercial ones sold in jars. The kumquats are luminous, orange/amber, bright in appearance and flavor--very moist.

You see, the string beans burn to just the right degree only when the cooking water is allowed to evaporate (inadvertently) and the beans start to burn just to the point when suddenly you smell them.

Canadian Chicken 9/17/09
Rosemary Roast Chicken It's not because I've been married to a former Canadian (who still says eh--pronounced AY--but not nearly as often as he used to) for over 33 years that I am so devoted to Canadian chicken. 

Brown Rice Pearls: The Rice Cooker 9/5/09
I have long loved the nutty flavor of brown rice but preferred the firm unexploded texture of white. I suspected/hoped that if cooked correctly, the texture of brown rice could approach that of white.

REUNION 8/14/09
Luchshon Kugel (Noodle Pudding) Here’s a recipe from my dear friend Lora Brody who understands well the importance of family love and connection of the generations. It is perfectly suited for a crowd, fine for making ahead and, what is perhaps most important of all, easy to eat standing up.

On a recent show on America's Test Kitchen I was shocked to learn that they marinate the beans in salted water.

Switzerland Part Two--Ticino & The Chestnut Path 12/27/08
Chestnut Pasta I’ve used chestnut flour in cakes but I never before experienced it in pasta dough. The combination of sweet earthy chestnut, fried sage, butter, and cheese was so heavenly I asked for the recipe.

Rose's Soup Kitchen 11/15/08
Squash Soup

Cast Iron Eggs 9/13/08
Lodge has just produced a collection of cast iron “table ware” which means that the little pans are intended for serving at table. I lost no time frying my egg in the round one and eureka—perfection!

Did You Know? 6/21/08
Caesar Salad Dressing There is a special technique used in France to mellow the sharpness of fresh garlic. It maintains the wonderful garlic flavor but tames the bite just a bit.

A Side Dish that Steals the Show 4/12/08
If ever there were a vegetable accompaniment that upstages the main course this is it: Endive Gratin: creamy, nutty-sweet with a gilding of Gruyère cream sauce, the endive within slightly crunchy and slightly and deliciously bitter to offset the richness of the sauce.

Perfectly Grilled Steak without a Grill 3/8/08
In recent years I’ve been making steak only outdoors on the charcoal grill but as the meat is so wonderful I decided to try a new technique in my NY city apartmentThe goal was to get a crunch deeply brown exterior and rare interior without smoking up the whole apartment.

The Best French Onion Soup 2/3/08
When cold weather sets in there is little more pleasing than this hot soup filled with caramelized onion and topped with a slice of bread soft and comforting with the juices of the stock, also serving to float an ample island of stretchy/stringy strands of melted gruyère with crunchy golden bits adhering to the edges of the bowl. 

My Most Magic Ingredient: Crème Fraîche 10/20/07
Mussels in Mustard Dill Cream Mine is crème fraîche. I first discovered it in France in the kitchen of my dear friend Nadège when she was making “moules marinières” and stirred a healthy dollop to the steaming mussels.

Panko Has Arrived! 10/13/07
Linguine & Clam Sauce with Bread Crumbs Here is a recipe for one of my favorite dishes into which bread crumbs have made their way by sheer chance. One evening I was eating an oven-crisped baguette with linguine and clams and some of the crispy crumbs fell into the pasta.

Shrimp B & B—The Luxury Diet 9/1/07
My ideal diet is balance and moderation but I sometimes get carried away with the moment—the company—the food—the wine—and then, the next day, I start thinking about what I can eat that is low in calories but doesn’t make me feel deprived. My thoughts turn to shrimp—Brined and Boiled.

Black Bing Cherry Sauce 7/3/07
This sauce is deeply cherry with an intriguing tang from the madeira and vinegar and rounded mellowness from the butter.

My Sweet Little Rice Cooker 5/27/07
Brown Basmati Rice in a Rice Cooker In india it is customary to buy enough basmati at the birth of a child to be able to serve it at his or her wedding! to add to the little Zo’s charm, it plays a sweet reprogrammable little tune when it starts cooking and another when it stops.

Deer Valley Bliss 5/12/07
DEER VALLEY'S CHIPOTLE BURGERS* Julie Wilson, director of food and beverage at the Deer Valley Resorts, told me they were the best burgers she had ever tasted. This was so true I had a second order the lunch before our return flight to NY.

Pork and Black Bean & Barley Soup 2/22/07
I was about to start writing about this newest soup recipe but had to jump up and eat a bowl first—it is that compelling a soup! After having fallen in love with the veal shoulder bean and barley soup a few weeks ago I started thinking about bones that have the most gelatin, and pig’s feet have them all beat, though calves' feet trot in as a close second. 

And Now for a Little Something to Go with All That NK Bread 2/3/07
So the first secret of this soup is the veal bone which gives it not just fantastic flavor but also a gorgeous velvety fullness in the mouth that usually requires fat to achieve. The second secret is purple barley introduced to me by my friend and colleague Marguerite Thomas.

I Flipped My Lid 1/22/07
Potatoes, Mushrooms, & Garlic Having fallen in love with my new cast iron pots with the intended use of baking bread, I found myself gazing admiringly at the lids when inspiration struck. Why not cook on the inverted lids ?!

Zucchini Blossoms 9/14/06
The delicate blossoms puff up in the hot oil and obtain a fine crispy crust from the light batter while remaining slightly plush and moist inside. They have a surprisingly fresh and lovely aromatic flavor faintly reminiscent of the vegetable itself.

The Re-Evolution of a Classic Dish: Ratatouille 8/30/06
This summer, I tried something a little different for the ratatouille. i grilled the egg plant (cut in rounds), zuchini (cut in half the long way), and peppers—uncut, all brushed well with olive oil

Now Why Didn't I Think of That???!!! 8/11/06
So here are the three star ingredients: salmon fillets, wasabi powder (japanesehorseradish) and mayonnaise. i spread most of the lovely sea-foam green creamy wasabi mayo over the salmon before cooking but the recipe makes enough to serve some alongside as well.

Corn Memories 7/21/06
My now preferred method comes from Amanda Hesser, Food52. She puts the husked corn in the pot with cold water and brings it to a boil. They she removes it from the heat and lets it sit.