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The Baking Bible     book trailer    by Ben Fink 

Reviews, Awards, and Quotes 

"Another masterpiece from America's most obsessive cook-book writer." -Los Angeles Times

Thanks to you I've become a confirmed 'fancy' baker. I've become accustomed to the style in which you write recipes (I think a high school fear of chemistry class is what got to me at first) and actually find it a great help having both the detailed instructions and the theory behind the chemistry and physics of it all." --Mary B.L., Rhode Island

"One of the great bakers of our time provides master class instruction on practical baking-a lot more than recipes." --Manhattan Users Guide

"She has a skill and craft that not even the best pastry chefs can compare to. She writes for you to learn. She writes for you to explore the world of baking in a way that no other person can explore it the way that you do. She writes so that you can go on a special culinary journey one page at time. From chocolate, to lemon, to cheesecake, Rose Levy Beranbaum's book is a craft written like no other. She is a teacher, an author, and above all a culinary master there for all who need her to teach us all the tricks of the trade and master it as well as she does."-F.A. 1234

The Baking Bible (2014) 

The Baking Bible , was published in October, 2014 and won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Best Baking Book of the Year for 2015.

I adore the covers of this book (and so did MOMA which carried it in their bookstore). The kouign amann pastry was one of my proudest achievements, enabling home bakers to make it at least as good as any bakery. The beautiful red velvet rose cake, brushed with raspberry to keep it moist and make it extra flavorful is surprisingly easy to make. 
I love that just about every recipe in the book has a stunning photo illustrating what it should look like.
Of course the ingredients are listed with cup volumes but this is the first time, for the weight, that I got permission from my editor to list grams before ounces (a sure indication that not only are home bakers embracing weight, but that they also understand the superiority and ease of the metric system).
This is my first book that includes all the four categories of baking--my long-time favorites that have evolved over the years, and many new ones..

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Rose's Alpha Bakers

We asked Marie and several of the Rose's Heavenly Cakes bake along bloggers to test a few of our recipes as beta bakers before printing the book. They all wanted to know if there would be another bake thru once the book was published. Born the Rose's Alpha Bakers, led by our Marie Wolf. Click on the book cover portal image, you can then read and see weekly postings of the recipes coming to life. Marie has a SEARCH box at the top of the page for one to easily find posts for a recipe.  

Gallery of Out Takes from Our Kitchens and Style Photography 

A sampling of our recipes in their baked form and testing during our production.   Click on the photo below to toggle through the gallery.