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Reviews, Awards, and Quotes

 "...the one definitive bread book you'll ever need."--the Good Cook

"For Lovers of Bread, Here's a Slice of Heaven" --USA Today

Baking Books: "Whenever she's in the running, Rose Levy Beranbaum leads the pack. The Bread Bible offers due diligence for many things that bakers take for granted...” --The Boston Globe

"A more information-rich recipe book is hard to imagine." --Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Beranbaum leaves absolutely nothing to guesswork. If that kind of inclusiveness doesn't take the fear out of baking, nothing will."                        --San Francisco Chronicle

"...if you only bake one thing in your life, make it the potato flatbread pizza. It's a once crispy, chewy, flavorful, and perfect." -Seattle Weekly

"Beranbaum's bibles are resilient. In her signature style, she breaks down the mysteries of baking breads so cooks understand the building blocks."             --Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Like her others, the bread book will take you as far as you want to go. If you really just want to follow a recipe, you'll get no better or more detailed instructions. Follow them and you'll have success." --The Atlanta Journal Constitution

 "Well-organized information, instructions illustrated in line drawings, varied recipes and handsome color photos of finished breads make this a solid, easy-to-use reference and cook's companion." --Indianapolis Star

Matthew Boyer's Complete Bread Bible in Photos

Matthew has given us an invaluable gift of his photo odyssey of his bread baking. Click on the gallery of photos to portal you to our August 14, 2010 posting of his incredible work. 

The Bread Bible (2003) 

Rose's comprehensive book, The Bread Bible, was the 2003 winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the Best Bread Book Category.

It was listed by Publisher's Weekly and Food & Wine as one of the top ten books of 2003, and by Fine Cooking as one of the top 12. From quick breads, such as muffins, biscuits, and scones, to yeast breads, such as seeded wheat breads, Jewish rye, baguette, and brioche, this is a collection of her favorites, with innovative techniques that will guarantee making a successful bread baker of anyone who so desires.

I'm most known for cakes, prefer eating pie and pastries, but what I love to make most of all is bread. No matter what else is swirling around me, when I'm making bread it puts me in a Zen state of peace and contentment.

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Marie Wolf's bake thru of The Bread Bible

An email from Marie Wolf in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2004 was the beginning of a life-long friendship. Marie is a born bread-baker, writer, and humorist, and her husband Jim is her equal as a photographer. Between the two of them, they have created an invaluable tutorial of step by step production for each and every bread in this book. This ranks as one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me.
Through the portal image of this bread photo, you can view all of this plus more on her Marie has a SEARCH box at the top of the page for one to easily find posts for a recipe.  

Rose's Alpha Bakers bake along 

Several of the Alpha Bakers for The Baking Bible have a bake along link for The Bread Bible. Through the portal icon, you can read and see weekly postings of their breads coming to life. 


Gallery of Outtakes from Our Kitchens and Style Photography 

A sampling of our recipes in their baked form and testing during our production.   Click on the photo below to toggle through the gallery. 

A year ago, as a new baker (age 68) I purchased the Bread Bible as a place to start a journey into bread baking. The simple and complete instructions were a guarantee of success and my copy is now quite dog eared. Particularly page 310 Heart of Wheat bread. This has become my favorite loaf - lofty, tender, sweet, comforting and the full answer to my search. Other baking continues to interest me: other grains, home milling and and multigrain experiments. What ever the outcome, I am always satisfied with the effort and I always have a boule of Heart of Wheat on hand Ali g with a plate of sweet butter. Thank you so much.---Bill Brown FB