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The Cake Bible was winner of the NASFT Showcase Award for the cookbook that has contributed most to educating the consumer about specialty foods. A culinary best-seller, The Cake Bible is currently in its 54 printing. It was listed by the James Beard Foundation as one of the top 13 baking books on "the Essential Book List," and was included in "101 Classic Recipes." In 2017 it was inducted into the International Association of Culinary Professionals Culinary Classics.

Epicurious: June 12, 2017  “The 100 Greatest Home Cooks of All Time”          Was she being presumptuous when she titled her 1988 breakout book The Cake Bible? Not really. Anybody who has baked—or even just tasted—Beranbaum’s “Downy Yellow Butter Cake” knows that it inspires religious-like devotion.

Epicurious: September 30, 2017 The 8 Baking tools Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh Can’t Live Without:

When it comes to cooking, you might get away with not using a recipe. But baking is all about precision, which means that every good baker—and especially beginners—should have a set of recipes to turn to that are reliable, delicious, heartfelt, and easy to understand. You need a baking bible that you can always turn to. For Goh (and a lot of other people) that's Rose Levy Beranbaum’s which is conveniently called the Cake Bible: "Rose’s books straddle the two worlds of the art and science of baking. She is a true perfectionist, stopping at nothing to get the best results, Goh says." Most importantly, she "demystifies and explains her baking process along the way.

Southern November, 2017  The 100 Best Cookbooks of All Time

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This author was among the first to boldly use the word bible to describe the scope of a book's content. The recipes look complicated because of their level of detail, but that actually makes them easier to use because little is left to chance. As popular today as it was when it debuted and turned home baking on its ear-in a good way-this book still holds true. 

The Cake Bible (8-18-1988) 

James Beard Awards: Rose was a winner of two James Beard Awards: for The Cake Bible in both Baking and Desserts and Book of the Year in 1989. IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) Culinary Classics Award in 2017. Over 200 recipes. 

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The was my first major cookbook. Because I did not have a track record, the budget was initially very low. I did all the recipe testing, proofing, styling, and prop styling on my own. The wonderful photographer Vincent Lee, whom I met through our work at Cook's Magazine, lived and worked across the street so whenever I had a cake ready to photograph he would work me into his schedule. If I needed special props such as fabric, I would run over to the nearby lower east side. If I needed special props, Canal Plastics was also close by.

I believe that the reason for its immediate success was that I introduced the 2 stage method used for high ratio shortening to an all butter cake. The result was faster, easier, and better. The brilliant writer, Corby Kummer, featured this technique in an article in the New York Times and it became an instant best seller.

Other special features were ingredients charts which included both ounces and grams, a mathematical "Rose Factor" which made it possible to make wedding cakes of varying sizes, and an in depth understanding section explaining how baking works.

The New York Times pictured me as Tinkerbell with a magic wand, and People magazine pictured me with wings and a halo. I was truly in heaven!


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"Sincere congratulations on the publication of your book, The Cake Bible. After tasting your cake, I'm proud to have it named the Chocolate Domingo Cake. Bravo! Bravo!"                 --Placido Domingo

" New York"Rose Levy Beranbaum is a worshiped woman. The author of the best-selling The Cake Bible is revered by serious cooks and part-timers who turn to her in moments of desperation." --USA TODAY

"I have devoured this book. I have truly enjoyed reading it. If you enjoy the 'Why?' behind baking you will love this book."--Susan M., Tennessee

"The Cake Bible is the most reliable cookbook I have ever encountered. When you are baking a cake it is so important to be able to trust the recipe. Rose's recipes are clear and easy to follow. The methods are fun and innovative and the results are consistently delicious."--Katie J., Michigan

"Your Cake Bible is so well written with all the details to make it valuable which is absolutely necessary now. You have made your exciting Cake Bible as we, Julia Child and myself have made 27 years ago. With much enthusiasm and many congratulations."--Simca Beck, France